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Intimacy Coordinator



Just like one would hire a stunt coordinator for film & TV when the script calls for a fight scene or the use of weapons - why wouldn't you hire an intimacy coordinator when the script calls for intimacy, nudity & sexual content?

Especially in the aftermath of the #metoo and #timesup movement it is essential to establish best practices to protect actors and production alike and achieve desired results on film through believable action and choreography and skillful communication between the various departments.

As your On-Set Intimacy Coordinator I ensure the safety - emotional as well as physical - for the actors and help the filmmakers bring their vision onto the screen around sexual, intimate content, which often can create awkwardness on set when not addressed correctly.​

  • For the production company this means: avoiding problems on set, getting your shooting day completed on schedule and within liability protection.

  • For the director this means: assistance with expertly communicating your ideas with regard to delicate sexual topics and realizing them onto film.

  • For the actor this means: someone's got your back, clarifying boundaries & consent in order to inspire your best performance.

When everybody feels safe - the best work can happen!

  • I will be the liaison - the middle man and facilitator - between the director/producers and their vision and the actors.​

  • I will help communicate and implement proper protocols for scenes containing intimacy, nudity, simulated sex

  • I will assist in creating choreography / movement / action to ensure safety for the actor and desired results for production.


  • Whenever a nudity rider is needed in a TV/film project (intimacy, nudity, simulated sex, sexual assault, etc)

  • Whenever a power dynamic is involved in an intimate scene   (example: series regular in an intimate scene with a guest actor)

  • ​If an actor feels the need for support with sensitive, intimate and sexual material (choreography, communication, boundary setting, etc)

  • ​If a director feels the need for support to communicate sensitive, intimate and sexual material to actors in order to achieve the best possible result and the realization of his vision

  • If production wants to create a safer environment onset for themselves, cast & crew through the establishment of protocols surrounding intimacy, nudity and simulated sex

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Professional actor 30+ years and SAG AFTRA member

certified sexological bodyworker

sex & intimacy coach

somatic sex educator

certified yoga instructor

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