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Transformational Coaching is a fusion of modalities to support you in creating YOUR DREAM LIFE - FOR REAL!

TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING is compassionate "heart centered coaching",

which in so many ways is more effective than traditional "talk therapy", because it reaches into the deeper layers of the body where the issues like to hide... 

Once we reach them, we can create lasting change: a true transformative experience!

  • Are you in a place where you would like to change the direction of your LIFE and CAREER through PERSONAL GROWTH?

  • Would you like to experience true HEART-OPENING & EXPANSION so that you can reach your TRUE AUTHENTIC DESIRES?

  • Are you longing to feel the surge of EMPOWERMENT to feel more COURAGEOUS in your decision making?

  • Are you "feeling off" and would you like to uncover YOUR TRUTH, embody a greater sense of BALANCE and increased CREATIVITY?

  • Do you desire expert guidance around RELATIONSHIP TOPICS?

  • Would you like to learn how to experience a deeper connection in SEX & INTIMACY - or are you curious about TANTRA & CONSCIOUS SEXUALITY?

If you are interested to learn how the effectivity of modalities like Breathwork, Sound-Healing and Dynamic Meditations can nourish you on your path and UPGRADE YOUR HUMAN OPERATING SYSTEM - you came to the right place!

Let’s create the TRANSFORMATION you desire so you can embark on the


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My services support YOU with

Personal Growth & Empowerment

Life & Career Guidance

Your Truth, Inner Balance & Creativity

Relationship Coaching

Sex & Intimacy Coaching

Tantra & Conscious Sexuality

Transformational Bodywork

Sexological Bodywork

Transformational Breathwork

Dynamic Meditation

Sound Healing


Sessions can be in person in Los Angeles and Berlin or virtually (via Zoom, Skype)

from anywhere in the world.

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