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What People Say About Me/Us

Wow Pow Holy Cow Batman! I am writing this testimonial wrapped in an ardent embrace from my "new" sex positive husband who was sex-phobic prior to a 5-day Aloha intensive with Diego and Shayna. I was resentful and angry at the perceived rejections and we were locked in cycles we didn't understand or know how to break. I cannot imagine two more adept and magical guides back to love than these two luminous beings. Both of us had to do our part. This is not for the faint of have to have the courage to overcome your limitations and be confronted. But if you leap...these two loving and beautiful guides will hold the space for your personalized transformative journey. It wasn't always easy or comfortable, but it was ultimately a lot of fun and you WILL BE amazed and delighted on the other side. We are recharged and reimagined returning to "reality" switched on and not just hopeful...we are more in love with ourselves and life and each other than ever before. If you are looking for a miracle, look no further. It worked. It works!
Linda L.

The healing that Diego was able to facilitate is still unfolding and revealing itself to me.  This work is so deep, in the most gentle and subtle way.  It's been a few weeks since my session with him, and how I feel can only be described as a return home to myself and a reignited joy in being, like a switch was flipped on in an inner room that had been dimmed by years of neglect.  I am in awe of Diego's talent, care, presence, perception, and deep open-hearted love for the individual.  I witnessed the effect of his work on several people before I had my session and was amazed at the inexplainable ways their energy was shifted.  When it came time for my session, I felt complete trust, and though I had never done bodywork before, I wanted to be as open to the experience as possible.  Diego is profoundly skilled and professional, and I felt seen, heard and honored from the moment I walked in the door to the second he saw me out. The result is a greater capacity for connection, pleasure, and presence and a sweet aliveness in every cell of my being. 

Thank you, Diego!

Sandy K.

Diego, I took your advice and really let everything sink in yesterday and last night.  I do want to just really thank you for an experience that was unbelievably enlightening and beautiful in so many ways.  You definitely provide a professional, safe space to allow someone to really explore a very intimate experience so I truly want to thank you for that.  I also appreciated the no rush, no expectation, stick to the moment and just really explore sensations type of work.  I don't think in my entire life I ever really had someone focus on me so intimately and also in return I never had the opportunity to only focus on myself.  The energy that I described that was locked up now seems to be flowing around my body in ways I never experienced and it is the morning!  I am just enjoying this exploration of my body that continues even as I write this note to you.  I am profoundly changed and I hope that I can continue to explore this work with you!  But I do want to just let you know that I believe you are a gifted healer and I am so eternally grateful that I was able to experience this!

Andrea L.

Dearest Diego,

I want you to know what my private healing session with you did for me. I have been going through a very difficult year leading up to the inevitable separation from my husband of 11 years. I did not realize when I scheduled my first appointment with you that I was so starved for compassionate, unconditional, platonic touch...just the kind you provide so professionally and so abundantly. I had been through a difficult medical experience some years earlier and was prescribed a combination of medications that added an unprecedented 30 pounds to my body in a matter of a few short months. I found myself living in a body I didn't recognize and subsequently, I made the emotionally-potent decision to have my breast implants removed. They had been a part of my body for 20 years and were the product of the low self image I had at age 27 when I made the decision to artificially "enhance" the sacred vessel of my Spirit, my female, human form. Loving myself enough at age 47 to reclaim my body and begin to heal it was a life-changing event and I want you to know the very important role your single session with me played in my transformation. You allowed me a sacred and safe space to explore the power of Shakti within me. Without words your touch gave me permission to surrender my ego and allow my body to move and dance in a very pure, limitless sort of way. Through your divinely-guided hands, I experienced myself as a beautiful woman living in an amazing body. Because you never crossed the line between professional therapist and client, I was able to let many old, harsh criticisms of my shape dissolve. I knew I was safe and held in a space of unconditional acceptance and love. I can never thank you enough for the work you do. We Goddesses need more men like you to help us remember who we are. Thank you for the heavenly experience of having a harp played upon my bare belly. I experienced the power and vibration of music in a truly unique way.

Thank you again from the deepest part of my being.

Most sincerely, Patricia

Diego, I want to make sure I take a moment to acknowledge the other-worldly gifts you have in the arena of healing and body-work.  Our session was the most powerful physical interaction my body has ever experienced and I’m still feeling profound reverberation two days later.  Even more impressive than the sheer breadth and depth of your skill and knowledge, is the utter, profound love with which you held me, the space and your work. All manner of tension, dis-ease, emotional holding patterns and simple muscle fatigue were released on your table.  You are a master in the use of gongs, music and breath and this significantly expanded the power of the session. You are astonishing and I appreciate your gifts greatly.

Thank you.

Melissa McFarlane, CEO, Electric Kites

Wow!  After a series of Sexological Bodywork sessions, I feel better about my body than I have in years.  My frustration with the changes wrought by middle age and childbirth -- god I hate those stretch marks -- began to melt away as I focused on the sensations in my body.  Once I learned to relax my insecurities, get out of my head, and enjoy the pleasure my body still gives me, I became much more forgiving about its appearance.  I'm even thinking about taking belly dancing lessons now!   At first I was really skeptical about the use of erotic energy and breathwork as any kind of tool for insight, transformation, or emotional release.  But by my second session, I started to get it and was able to access ecstatic and blissful states of relaxation and awareness which helped me get out of my head for a change and deeply celebrate life. 

Thank you! 

Beth S.

Meeting Diego, his smile, his caring aura right away put me at ease.  Entering into Diego's unpretentious yet tastefully decorated and soothing environment was inviting.  My husband and I both smiled at each other knowing we'd found the right place and felt confident that Diego was the right person. We could trust in him.

I don't remember ever being physically and emotionally moved in the way Diego made me feel. I am guessing that I might have had a similar emotion when I was a baby and was held so precious, with utter care and devotion.  Diego spoke  with us in detail before the massage and  we/I understood . I felt heard and respected.  He knew.  I was able to let go and allow myself to receive the experience and go on the exquisite journey.  He transported me to different places with his array of applications and touch techniques.  The music, his voice, etc...It was beyond any desire or expectation I might have had prior.  The sense of being cared for was overwhelming, I felt such gratitude. At a certain point I found myself so welled up with emotion I cried and I was surprised that it felt so good, then there were moments of genuine laughter.  I felt Diego was completely there for me, taking care of my spirit and my body with reverence and tenderness.

It has been five days since this unforgettable experience.  I feel like I'm waking up from a beautiful dream.  I feel more open in many ways.  I feel powerful and strong yet there is this new type of quiet softness inside me and all around me.  I  feel more in-love with life, with love itself.

Danielle & Rob

My many experiences with Diego have been incredibly healing as he knows exactly how to tap into my body and my energy - as a result I am left in a state of euphoria, both physically and mentally

Megan G.

Diego is hands down my favorite bodyworker. His sessions are wonderfully designed for the purpose of therapeutic effect as well as for personal comfort of the receiver making it a truly outstanding healing experience

Danielle M.

When I worked with Diego, one of the things that stood out the most was his vibrant energy and wonderful sense of humor.  He made me feel at ease right away.  I would usually be self-conscious around someone this attractive, but he's so down to earth and sincere that I could tell he really "saw" me with complete acceptance and caring.

Julia B.

Diego is an amazing bodyworker with a repertoire that brings clients a sincere, warm a skilled professional with a calm demeanor and magnetic personality

Cathy S.

!""!breathing and at times invites instructed breathing assisting me to release various layers of emotional and physical tension in my body which allows me to completely relax and feel blissful

Andrea D.

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