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Workshops & Retreats in 2022 TBD


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at BLUE SPIRIT, Nosara, Costa Rica

December 14th-21st, 2019

Immerse yourself into a delicious week of Yoga & exquisite self-care at the AWARD WINNING all-inclusive resort  BLUE SPIRIT nestled in the lush jungles of Costa Rica

just steps from the white sandy beach…


Come solo or with a friend!


Tantra - the twin flame of Yoga - is a tradition and a way of living which celebrates life, the body and the senses.


In its life-affirming attitude - guided by the wisdom of the heart - Tantra elevates our human experience and offers tools for authenticity, self-trust and conscious connection to the sweetness of life, so that we may become magnets for our desires.


The purposeful interweaving of Yoga & Tantra creates a sense of reset & flow for the human operating system - this leads to a renewed connection with self & others allowing more expansion & success to enter into all areas of your life.


If you’re feeling stuck or at a turning point in your life, this retreat will offer you clarity, healing tools and the confidence to ignite your creativity and take action for the next step on your journey.


Tantra Yoga Flow has changed our lives on so many levels and it is our heart’s desire to share these teachings with you in a nurturing environment which supports the delightful promise of personal growth & heart-centered living.


You will be nourished by the generosity of mother nature, organic meals made with love, new connections with self & others, and well-deserved time to retreat & slow down so you may tap into your inherent intelligence, creativity & vibrancy of life!

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